FIATA General Meeting delegates elected the new Presidency

 From 5th to 8th October, the FIATA World Congress was held in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre in Malaysia, attracting over 1,000 delegates from 77 countries. Based on the theme “Logistics bridging global trade”, various meetings of FIATA Institutes, Advisory Bodies, Regional bodies and Standing Committees were held to discuss topics like how e-commerce reshapes freight forwarding and logistic industry and how freight forwarders should adapt their services to this new trend.

On the day after the FIATA World Congress the FIATA General Meeting took place. It elected the new team of Presidency and Extended Board, the geographic diversity of which once again shows the global representation of FIATA.

The newly elected President is Mr Babar Badat from Pakistan, Chairman of TRANSHOLD (Pvt) Ltd, a leading logistics group in Pakistan.

Mr Badat succeeds Mr Zhao Huxiang, from China, who will now serve as Immediate Past President for the following two years. Mr Robert Voltmann, from United States, has been re-elected Secretary General and Mr Francesco Parisi, from Italy, also the previous Immediate Past President, was elected Treasurer. The three positions of Senior Vice President went to Mr Ivan Petrov of Bulgaria and Mr Basil Pietersen of South Africa, both were re-elected, and Mr Turgut Erkeskin of Turkey, who joined the Presidency as a new member and who has been working with FIATA for a long time. Again, this new Presidency represents all the four regions of the FIATA global constituency.

The General Meeting also elected the following Vice Presidents: Nadia Abdul Aziz, UAE; Marc Bibeau, Canada; Krishnan Chelliah, Malaysia; Ole A. Hagen, Norway; Bung Jin Kim, Korea, Republic of; Ahmed Moustafa, Egypt; David Nutakor, Ghana; Oleg Platonov, Ukraine; Jens Roemer, Belgium; Antonella Straulino, Italy; Neil Taylor Montgomery, Chile and Adelaide Yang, Chinese Teipei. Together with the Chairpersons of the Institutes, the Advisory Bodies and the FIATA Regional Bodies, these distinguished individuals (list as below) compose the Extended Board of FIATA. On the one hand, the new Extended Board manifests a good combination of old and new members, integrating years of experience in FIATA affairs and new impetus and vision of our industry. On the other hand, it is very encouraging to see that we now have four female members in the Extended Board, they are Ms Sandretto, Ms Aziz, Ms Straulino and Ms Yang. Their election and career path will inevitably encourage more women to actively work within FIATA.

The Presidency moved for approval and obtained the unanimous acceptance of the General Meeting for the following Chairpersons of the Institutes, Advisory Bodies and FIATA Regional Bodies:

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