Chinese Association delivers impactful ICAO FIATA Dangerous Goods Train the Trainer ProgrammeI 

 The ICAO FIATA DG by Air Train the Trainer (TOT) programme lifts off in Beijing, China. Organized by FIATA’s Chinese International Freight Forwarders Associations (CIFA), the week long course stretching from October 17th to 21st has attracted 37 participants with the goal of preparing the next generation of trainers in China.

China’s initiative to embark on a train the trainer course is an excellent kick starter for the ICAO FIATA DG Training Programme that will help enhance their trainer’s knowledge and delivery capability and ensures the course will continue to flourish for years to come.” voiced FIATA’s Logistics Academy Chairman Mr. Issa Baluch

Participants completing the course gained the needed competencies to deliver dangerous goods training. This marks the second ICAO FIATA DG Train the Trainer Course delivered in less than 2 months. The previous one was held in San Jose, Costa Rica in September.

Following the ToT, CIFA will be able to expand on its current DG offerings with a greater number of trainers accessible to deliver industry specific dangerous goods by air training to forwarders, shippers and packers. The course plays an important role in capturing more training opportunities across China’s large geographical landscape.

The significance of this course to the Chinese Market will have immense positive impacts in raising security awareness and compliance. Being a major world exporter it is essential that Freight Forwarders in China are able to verify shippers have complied with ICAO’s Technical Instructions when handling dangerous goods shipments”. echoed FIATA’s Advisory Body Vocational Training Chairman Mr. Thomas Sim which who himself participated and assisted to facilitate the event in Beijing, China.


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