Presidency bestows honour of "FIATA Fellow" to Geoffrey Arend

 In the year when FIATA’s history becomes 90 year old, the “FIATA Fellow” honour was bestowed upon Mr.  Geoffrey Arend, the distinguished journalist who publishes the air business specialised publication “Flying Typers”. Delivering the award was none other than FIATA President Mr. Huxiang Zhao, from Beijing, China.


The FIATA Presidency expresses appreciation for your outstanding contributions to the freight forwarding and logistics industry. We honour Geoffrey for over 40 years of work highlighting the air forwarder story in a manner that has been significantly beneficial to enhance the knowledge and reputation of FIATA Members” Mr. Zhao declared inside the exquisite Haus zum Rüden, a nearly 700-year-old restaurant near the FIATA Headquarters Session in Zurich, Switzerland where the awarding ceremony took place last week.


Mr. Arend accepted the designation as “FIATA Fellow”, telling industry leaders “Without the freight forwarder, there is no air cargo business. For FIATA to honour someone like me, who has been charged by the airlines to tell their story to the forwarders, is a completely humbling experience.”


With this award FIATA recognises Mr Arend for his longstanding successful dedication and hard work. He has served the air cargo industry for a stunning 45 years remaining an ardent and unwavering advocate for a better, more thoughtful air cargo industry through his publication (Flying Typers).


The Members of the FIATA Presidency adopted the habit of congratulating eminent personalities who have been significantly beneficial for FIATA and its members with the title of "FIATA Fellow". The object of this title is to enable FIATA to express appreciation for outstanding contributions to the freight forwarding and logistics industry, esteem deserving individuals, and use this award as a means to motivate others to contribute their talents and efforts to the enhancement of this challenging and fascinating industry.




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