Inaugural address by Zhaohuxiang, Newly Elected President of FIATA

  Distinguished delegates, fellow members, ladies and gentlemen,
Thank you for your vote and your trust. I’m extremely honored to be elected as FIATA President for the next 2 years. I would also like to thank my predecessor, Mr. Francesco Parisi, for his remarkable contribution to FIATA. Honestly, it’s no easy task to inherit and develop Francesco’s achievements, but I will try my best.
In the Headquarter Session, the Presidency started a debate for “Future of FIATA”. As far as I see, the “Future of FIATA” is a FIATA that provides better service to members and has more influence over our industry. The new Presidency will try our best to build such a future. We welcome our entire federation, including association
members, individual members, members of Extended Board, institutes, advisory bodies, regional bodies and the Secretariat, to contribute your knowledge, experience and wisdom. And also, we invite the government sector, global and local industrial organizations to participate in the process.
The next year would be the 90th birthday of FIATA, not much international organization can last for 90 years. Let us work together to make more achievements as our birthday gift for FIATA!
Thank you!

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