Speech at the 12th Annual Sino-International Freight Forwarders Conference By Liu Xuede

  Secretary G of China International Freight Forwarders Association
Ladies and Gentleman:
Good morning!
Welcome our distinguished guests to this beautiful city of Qingdao and attend the 12th Sino-International Freight Forwarders Conference. We come from all over the world. Among the representatives , many who come from the Southern Hemisphere would have the feeling of the season changing from warm spring to cool autumn.
The golden autumn is the best time of Northern Hemisphere. However, it becomes cooler gradually, especially in the morning and evening. So, please keep warm. In the sunny daytime, you can enjoy the clean sky and fresh air of the warm weather.
The current world is just like the late autumn which characterized unpredicted changes of cold and warm weather.
We are feeling cold because of the accumulation and interaction of instable and uncertain elements, the downward pressure of global economy increasing development. Especially the international demand remains weak, and the growth of world trade
shrank for years. Affected by these reasons, the new demand of international freight service declined.
We are feeling warm, because we still have the innovation against the depressing economic trend. During the economic changes, new format, new pattern, new operation became new bright spot of economic development like the sunshine full of hope.
For example, with the promotion of the One Belt One Road Initiative, interconnection and interworking become priority field, investment and trade become key content. Under the principal of co-discussion, co-construction and benefit-sharing, countries along the the Belt and Road have built mutual trust, common interests, and more closely new cooperative relationship. The Belt and Road Initiative has achieved a positive result.
With the expansion of the scope of Global Free Trade Area and the increasing of the members of Free Trade Agreement, the process of eliminating trade barriers, integrating policies and management, promoting trade liberalization and facility in the Free Trade Area maintains accelerating. All the above can benefit the new development to trade promotion in the world.
“Internet +” and “cross-border E-business” have become driving force of industrial transformation innovation and Industrial restructuring and upgrading. The new driving force should stimulate
the economy to release giant development space.
In the present world, the international economy is facing both good momentum and downward pressure. The booming up of the newborn increasing momentum and the traditional increasing momentum are co-existing. The challenge and opportunity of every enterprise is fair, however, the enterprise itself has the final say of how to create a fine environment good to self-development.
In the north hemisphere, October in autumn is the best time for the people to enjoy the happiness of the harvest and elaborate the detail of achieving the success. Though the present enterprises have your own different experience and feeling of Sino-foreign Enterprises Consulting Conference,I still believe that you must share the same point of view that the Consulting Conference is the beneficial platform for you to face international competitions, promote interchange and transactions, and accumulate rich resources.
The scale of the 12th Consulting Conference has surpassed the previous three consulting conferences. This proves that the Consulting Conference could provide one more step forward for you to find good partner in business .Especially when the economy is in the downturn, it provide good chance for the enterprises to collect global information and stick together to
help each other. Therefore, the significance of the consulting conference is not only assisting the enterprises to seek new markets and strive for development, but also encouraging the industry to be confident of the future.
We have ancient Chinese motto to express friendship and communication, for example, “Is it not pleasant to have friends come from afar?” and “Since we have come, let us stay and enjoy it.” I think, most representatives coming from all over the world have attended our conference many times. Thus we have been good friends. And you must have great expectation for the activity and carry your own demands. The consulting conference lasts 3 days during which I hope all the participants could seize the opportunity of time and space to achieve what you expected.
Thanks to the great support and close coordination by Qingdao International Exhibition Center and the Qingdao Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the consulting conference could be held successfully. On behalf of the sponsor of the the 12th Consulting Conference, I would like to express my great appreciations to Qingdao International Exhibition Center and the Qingdao Council for the Promotion of International Trade.
Beautiful environment with Red tiles, green trees, green sea and blue sky has brought the city of Qingdao a good reputation: Oriental Switzerland. In the new rural area, skyscrapers and mansions mark the spirit of innovation of the city. A lot of outstanding brands such as Qingdao beer have earn their fame all over the world. Great changes have taken place in the old area of Qingdao Port. Qingdao Port with new image still maintains the large port of the world class. Yesterday, some representatives had a sightseeing of scenery of Qingdao.I suggest that others would have a leisurely stay in the beautiful city after the conference.
I still want to mention another two emotional issues: Mr.David of WCA has unfortunately got eye disease. In spite of the doctor’s advice , David insists on attending the conference. We should express our great respect to his devotion to the career and friends. Mr.Zhao Huxiang , the newly-elected FIATA Chairman, is making a speech in the World Lawyer Forum in Dalian. He has promised to meet us in the evening banquet. Though Chairman Zhao is very busy and always have the overlap activities at the same time,he still try to seize every possible opportunity to attend our conference to express his high attention .
-I wish the conference a complete success!
I wish all of you achieve fruitful communication, fine health and pleasant tour in Qingdao!

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